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Articles etc.

I recently added the transcripts of the following articles:

Myles High Club (SFX, August 2004)
Where to next, m’lady? (Daily Express Saturday, July 17 – 23, 2004)
Sophia Myles (Harper’s & Queens, January 2001)

Now, all the articles I have are also online! I only need to finish the transcripts of filmarticles.

I’ve added 4 pictures in the gallery, among them one donated by photographer Chris Heads, thanks a lot!

I’m going away on holiday until mid May. But you can go to the Messageboard to ask any questions concerning Sophia or to keep up to date with news. If you’d like to donate pictures, feel free to register in the gallery and upload them, thanks! See you!

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Site Updates

I know, I know, I haven’t updated the site for sooo long. Sorry! It’s just that at the current host I don’t have ftp, which makes it very tiresome to upload! But since I now have found another one, i’m working on a new version of the site. And it’s looking great and I’m sure it won’t last that long until you’ll be able to enjoy it.

In the meantime, enjoy the new version of the very first Sophia Myles website here. It looks splendid. And have a look at the quite finished gallery of this site’s new version.

Added some new affiliates: Ode to Azia and oters.

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I have a new affiliate: All About Kevin.

Meghan made screen caps from the Underworld trailer and the Featurette at Hollywood.Com. I’ll add them soon. Other things are on its way as well: a magazine scan, many screen caps and story outlines for the films. Yesterday, I watched the first episode of Oliver Twist, Out of Bounds and Nicholas Nickleby. I know this is quite a lot for one evening – runtime for Nicholas Nickleby is 200 minutes – but I just couldn’t stop myself from watching the films, now that I’ve finally got them.

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