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The Wright Stuff – Media Updates

Phew! Well, after a few annoying mishaps, you can now check out Sophia’s latest appearance on Channel 5 talk show ‘The Wright Stuff’ by viewing the gallery and video vault.

Photo Gallery:

  • 475 Television & Interviews > Talk Shows > 2014 – The Wright Stuff (August 6)
  • Video Vault:

  • Interview > The Wright Stuff (6 August 2014)
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    Major Site, Photo and Video Updates

    It has been a busy few days here at Simply Sophia Myles! Lots of updates to inform you all about so bare with me!

    First of all, our video vault has had a complete overhaul! New layout, new design, and all videos have been converted so that for the first time you can watch our entire archive using your smartphones and tablets (incl. Apple devices). Please feel free to leave your comments and make use of our new rating feature – I would love to know which are your favourite videos (just hit the thumbs up button if you like it!)

    Not to be outdone, our photo gallery has also had a bit of a makeover. I truly hope that you like both of the sites but if you run into any errors then please do not hesitate to contact me and I will resolve any issues ASAP.

    Upon reviewing all the videos in our archive, I realised that screencaptures from Sophia’s appearance on The Wright Stuff to promote Utopia were never added … so even though they are years late, you can now find the screencaptures in the gallery.

    And finally, we have new material from Gallows Hill! I have added new production stills as well as screencaptures from the Making Of video that can be seen in our video vault.

    [hana-flv-player video=”″

    I think that is all from me for now!

    Photo Gallery:
    Movies > 2014 > Gallows Hill > Production Stills
    Movies > 2014 > Gallows Hill > Making Of
    Television & Interviews > Talk Shows > 2012 – The Wright Stuff (June 25)

    Video Vault:
    Movies > Gallows Hill – Making Of

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    Indian Newspaper Snippet & Craig Ferguson Stills

    Earlier this month an Indian newspaper used a nice picture of Sophia to advertise ‘Outlander‘ on TV. While the picture is not new – it’s from the 2006 Tatler photoshoot – I was happy to see it used.

    I also found some stills of Sophia’s first appearance on the Craig Ferguson show to promote ‘Moonlight‘ back in April 2008. While the pictures are tagged and not very big I think they’re still very nice as they’re lighter than the screencaptures we have of the episode and there is also a pretty shot of Sophia leaving and waving to the audience which wasn’t shown on TV.

    001 Scans from 2010 > The Telegraph Calcutta (India) – February 7
    013 2008 – The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (April 30)

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    Better MTV TRL pictures

    Back in summer 2004, Sophia Myles appeared on MTV Total Request Live to promote ‘Thunderbirds‘. Until now we only had scans of black&white printouts of photographs in the gallery as I lost high quality pictures of the event shortly after having been sent them back then. Now, thanks to Dbiloo we have them once more in full colour. Thank you!

    007 Talk Shows > 2004 – MTV’s Total Request Live

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    Yesterday: The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

    So sorry to not have put up a reminder to watch Sophia Myles on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson last night but I was in bed with a fever. Anyway, feeling much better now and I have for you clips and caps of the lovely interview. Wasn’t she doing fabulous?! I was sorry to hear about her purse and I hope whoever stole it realizes what a stupid thing to do that was and makes amends.

    Gallery: 243 The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
    Video: 003 Talk Shows > 2008 / or watch on YouTube

    EDIT: You can now watch these clips in our new media archive (here)