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Release Dates & Gallery updates

Tomorrow, ‘Tristan & Isolde’ is being released in German and Swiss cinemas and on Friday in Austria! The German official site.

The ‘The Hades Factor’ Region 1 DVD will be released on July 25, 2006 . Pre-Order DVD

And some gallery updates:
009 Official Wallpaper (Tristan & Isolde and Doctor Who)
007 Doctor Who – On Set
005 Tristan & Isolde – Stills (2 are now in HQ)
002 Tristan & Isolde – On Set
002 Tristan & Isolde – Artwork (Replaced 1 with HQ version)
002 Fanart sent in by Christopher

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‘The Hades Factor’ airs on Sunday!

Something for our visitors from the States: The first part of ‘The Hades Factor’ is airing on CBS on Sunday April 9, 9PM ET/PT and is continued on Sunday April 16, 9PM ET/PT. I guess Sophia’s character will only be in the first part. Visit CBS for pictures. Please check your TV Guides for any pictures of Sophia Myles. I haven’t been able to find any online.

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Update on status of TV projects

The Miss Marple mystery ‘Sleeping Murder’ aired on Canadian television CBC – as announced – on Sunday 15th. If you’ve watched it, any comments about it are welcome! I checked ITV1’s listings for this week: but ‘Sleeping Murder’ isn’t listed for Saturday. So I did some digging on the net and the new information that I found on Custard TV says that it will air in the UK on ITV 1 on Sunday, February 5. Listing on ITV.Com

The mini-series made for US TV CBS ‘The Hades Factor’ is now listed on IMDb. And it is slated to air in May 2006. On the website for co-author of the novel Gayle Lynds I found a picture of Sophia Myles on the set. As I still haven’t received permission from the website to put it on my site I post the link to it: Go here to see it.

Don’t forget: Today is the day. After having returned to London from the ‘Tristan & Isolde’ promotion and some meetings in L.A., Sophia Myles is back in the States at the Sundance Film Festival. Today she attends the premiere screening of ‘Art School Confidential’ and meets the press.

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More on ‘The Hades Factor’

I’ve added a site for Sophia’s new project: ‘The Hades Factor‘. There’s also a Press Release that I found at The Futon Critc stating that Col. Jonathan Smith’s fiancée (Sophia’s role) isn’t called Dr. Sophia Russell as in the novel but Dr. Sophie Amsden. BTW, I’ve started reading the novel and so far I can only recommend it, the story is certainly very gripping.

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New role in ‘The Hades Factor’ for CBS

Sophia Myles is heading for Toronto to shoot her scenes for a new role in a four-hour mini-series for America’s CBS. The full name of the project is ‘Robert Ludlum’s Covert One: The Hades Factor’. It is not yet listed on the IMDb but this is a summary of what I could find on the internet:

Mira Sorvino, Stephen Dorff, Anjelica Huston, Colm Meaney and Blair Underwood star in the small-screen adaptation of Robert Ludlum and Gayle Lynds’s 2000 bestselling novel of the same name, about a secret intelligence agency (“Covert One”) consisting of political and technical experts who fight corruption and conspiracy, reporting directly to the U.S. president. Mick Jackson is on board to direct the four-hour mini-series from a script by Elwood Reid. Production is expected to shoot in Toronto until December for an airdate next year. Filming will also take place in Paris and Berlin. As for plot specifics, “Hades” tracks the efforts of a disease specialist (and ex-agent of Covert One) named Col. Jonathan Smith (Stephen Dorff) who uncovers a conspiracy involving the President (Anjelica Huston) and her attempt to cover up the deliberate spread of an Ebola-like virus, which claimed the life of Smith’s fiancée. Mira Sorvino will play Rachel Russell, a Covert One agent who goes missing after killing two men, with Colm Meaney as a former spy and friend of Smith’s and Underwood as the No. 2 official at Covert One.

Sophia’s playing Stephen Dorff’s fiancée which is called Sophia Russell [edit]Dr. Sophie Amsden[/edit] and is an American scientist. She’ll be in Toronto for the coming 3 weeks. After ‘Art School Confidential’ this is her second collaboration with Anjelica Huston and also the second time she’s portraying an American character.