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‘Outlander’ UK Promotion

Thanks Chrissy for telling us about ‘Outlander‘s official UK website having more content. Be sure to visit to get all excited for the upcoming UK release on April 24! Additionally, you can also stay updated about everything Outlander on Facebook and Twitter.

Following Outlander items have been added to the site:
OUTLANDER – Sophia Myles Q+A really lovely
Outlander – Production Stills x2 – trying to get better versions of these soon
Outlander – Trailer x10 – UK Trailer

Oh, and my French ‘Outlander’ DVD got shipped today – should arrive on Thursday or Friday. I’m so excited!

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India’s official “Outlander” site

Wow! Outlander’s distributor for India managed what the US (seemingly) can’t: they put together a professional looking official movie page! Check it out here!

The only sad part is that they don’t seem to be promoting Sophia’s part in it as much. But they have some great wallpapers, screensavers, 10 30-second teaser trailers as well as some promotion reels, and a beautiful presskit. I highly recommend browsing around and discovering all the content.

I’ve added some Sophia related material to the media parts of the site:

Gallery links:
26 Outlander > Trailer
02 Outlander > Official Wallpaper
01 Outlander > Artwork

Video links:
01 Outlander > Trailer #2 (also available on YouTube)

EDIT: You can now watch these clips in our new media archive (here)

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More ‘Outlander’ News

Many of you have wondered when ‘Outlander‘ would finally be released in the US. It seems that the Weinstein Company who owns the North American distribution rights is having some financial problems. There have been rumours of them planning to release the film on only 50 screens and then put the film on DVD. The other rumour was that they’re trying to find a new distributor. Definitely the film is deserving to get a wide release so we’re hoping for the best. The respected website Ain’t It Cool News recently had an open letter to Harvey Weinstein. Read it in the press archive – and I’m sure it’ll make you want to see the film even more, it’s written so enthuasiastically!

It’s a good cast. John Hurt and Ron Perlman and Jim Caviezel and Sophia Myles and this Jack Huston guy who should be due his big break any second. All of them are rock solid in it

As always visit the Outlander fansite for all your ‘Outlander‘ info.

Fantasy Filmfest Germany:Outlander‘ is showing in Hamburg (August 18, 7.15 pm), Berlin (August 19, 7.15 pm / August 20, 7.45 pm), Köln (August 21, 7.15 pm), Dortmund (August 27, 7.15 pm), Frankfurt (August 27, 7.15 pm), Nürnberg (August 29, 9.15 pm / August 30, 1.00 pm), München (September 4, 7.15 pm / September 5, 3.00 pm) and Stuttgart (September 7, 7.00 pm / September 10, 3.00 pm). For information on location visit the film’s site at the festival’s official website.

Photo: 9 Outlander – Trailer
Media: 1 Outlander – Trailer

EDIT: You can now watch these clips in our new media archive (here)


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‘Outlander’ Trailer 2 – with Sophia!

I’m actually fully occupied packing my bags for a holiday (I’m off till the end of the month) but this is something you have to watch: The Outlander Fansite informed me of the second ‘Outlander‘ trailer – featuring also some footage with Sophia Myles. She also narrates the first part of the trailer! Watch on YouTube.

P.S. My friend Sandra will update this site in case of some major Sophia news during my absence.

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‘Outlander’ International Trailer!

Wow! The international trailer for ‘Outlander‘ has finally arrived! Go to the Outlander fansite to check it out. It looks really really great and exciting – I still can’t wait to see the film. There’s a lot of Jim Caviezel and Jack Huston in the trailer – unfortunately no Sophia at all! Let’s hope we’ll get another trailer with her in it soon! After all, she’s the female lead.

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