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UK press coverage for ‘Tristan & Isolde’

Sophia Myles on GMTV Sophia Myles on the cover of Tatler‘Tristan & Isolde’ will finally open in the UK later this month. Sophia Myles did quite some press interviews – the results of which will probably be seen in the papers and on television over the coming days/week. If you come across anything can you please send it in? That’d be great.

On Wednesday, Sophia Myles appeared on the breakfast television show GM:TV. Their website has the video of it. Watch it here.

The May issue of UK Tatler magazine has gone on sale yesterday. Sophia Myles graces the cover. See a preview at the Website or click the picture to the left.

“Sophia power – Sophia Myles is more a spag bol and Guinness kinda girl than your usual star, says Sebastian Shakespeare.”

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UK release for ‘Tristan & Isolde’

‘Tristan & Isolde’ won’t open on March 24 in the UK as previously announced but on April 28, 2006. Also the release date in Italy has been postponed to April 7 – instead of opening today. This also seems to have delayed the release date for Italian Switzerland. It’s a shame because I had planned to travel there and see it tomorrow. For German speaking regions the release date stays at May 18, 2006.