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‘Moonlight’ Premiere Anniversary

3 years ago today ‘Moonlight‘ premiered in the US on CBS. Messageboard member Felicia created a beautiful wallpaper for the occasion that is both beautiful and heartbreaking. As requested a while ago, I also uploaded a downloadable clip of the Summer CW Trailer.

EDIT: You can now watch these clips in our new media archive (here)

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Fanart Update for April

I know the month isn’t over yet, but I decided to add Fanart that has been posted in the board or sent in by mail this April.

008 Icons > by Chrissy
002 Icons > by Jess
008 Icons > by Liz
028 Icons > by Natalie
008 Fanart > Banners by Kevin, Jess, Liz, Chrissy
007 Fanart > Wallpaper (1024 x 640) by moviefnatic, Natalie
004 Fanart > Wallpaper (1024 x 768) by Liz, Kevin

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Lots of new Fanart

It’s been like forever since I last added all the fanart that fans have contributed in the messageboard and via emails to the site. All the gorgeous new creations are now in their respective sections! Please enjoy and many thanks to all the talented artists who have been immensely busy over the past few months! All kinds of pictures have been used for these: old and new pictures from photo shoots, appearances, talk shows as well as from practically all of Sophia’s projects, even Spooks!

The following are all uniqe pieces of fanart so DO NOT post them at another site etc. They’re strictly limited to personal use. Thank you!

Icons by ChrissyJessKevinLizMaikeNatalie

025 Banner by Chrissy, Maike, Jess, Kevin, Natalie, moviefnatic
019 Fanart by Chrissy, Kevin, Paige and moviefnatic
031 Wallpaper (1280 x 800) by Chrissy and Natalie
009 Wallpaper (1024 x 768) by Chrissy and moviefnatic
024 Wallpaper (1024 x 640) by Kevin, moviefnatic and Natalie
001 Wallpaper (800 x 600) by Maike

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Sophia’s message & Fanart

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments on the new layout! Luna and I really appreciated it. Speaking of which, Sophia Myles has sent a message to the website:

The new layout is beautiful Mia. My thanks to you and to the fantastic fans for giving life to such a wonderful site. Love Sophia

Thank you. How exciting! And to showcase how much life you guys are giving to the site I added some more fanart.

117 Icons – by Maike
008 Icons – by Luna
001 Banner, by Chrissy
001 Fanart, by moviefnatic
003 Wallpaper (1024 x 768), by Natalie
001 Wallpaper (1280 x 1024), by Chrissy

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Fanart by Maike, Chrissy, Luna, Natalie, Mandi, Rachel & moviefnatic

I finally went “Fanart hunting” in our messageboard and added all the lovely work that has been created since mid-December 2008 to our official photo & icon archive. A huge thank you to all the artists for sharing them with us!

The following are all uniqe pieces of fanart so DO NOT post them at another site etc. They’re strictly limited to personal use. Thank you!

038 Icons – by Chrissy
013 Icons – by Maike
006 Icons – by Mandi
071 Icons – by Natalie
017 Fanart & Wallpaper > Banner, by Maike, Natalie
001 Fanart & Wallpaper > Calendar, September 2009 by Maike
004 Fanart & Wallpaper > Drawings, by Maike
006 Fanart & Wallpaper > Fanart, by Maike, Chrissy, Luna, Natalie
004 Fanart & Wallpaper > Wallpaper (1280 x 1024), by Natalie
016 Fanart & Wallpaper > Wallpaper (1024 x 768), by Maike, moviefnatic, Rachel, Mandi
012 Fanart & Wallpaper > Wallpaper (800 x 600), by Maike, Luna