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The return of Lady Penelope

from Sunday Times – Style UK / by Shane Watson

Just what is it about this posh heroine that warrants a return to the screen, asks Shane Watson

At a photographic studio somewhere in east London, the new Lady Penelope is throwing her toys around. In the make-up chair, staring crossly at herself in the mirror, is Sophia Myles, the 24-year-old actress who plays Lady P in the forthcoming movie of Thunderbirds, the cult 1960s television series. Myles is showing a steely determination to be styled in the manner she sees fit, regardless of the wishes of those around her. In fact, as she sits at the mirror, swivelling her head from side to side before dismissing another attempt at compromise on the hair and make-up, for a moment it seems she might be inhabited by the spirit of Lady Penelope herself. Girls don’t tend to be big on hauteur these days. They don’t usually have buckets of queenly attitude. When I draw her attention to something on the rail that looks a little risqu


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