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I’m happy to announce that the guestbook is open again. Due to massive spamming attacks I had to close the signing page a while ago until I’d found a solution to this problem. Now I’ve received some suggestions to prevent spam flooding from James (thank you very much!) and I hope that the guestbook will again only accept comments by you visitors.

BTW, I’ve updated the about me section of the site with my more up-to-date list of favourite things….


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  1. Hello.

    The images were released to celebrate the arrival on Monday of Emma Tallulah, the couple’s third daughter.

  2. I hear that ‘Moonlight’ reruns start airing on CW June 3, 2010 from 9 – 10 (Thursdays). Finally I will get to see the show I hear so much about. I’m excited. Guess I will have to change nights with Jack. Good luck with Spooks. Lots of Love ~Michael~

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