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New role: Kate in Hallam Foe

Sophia Myles is soon starting work on a new project: ‘Hallam Foe’ by director David Mackenzie (Young Adam). The screenplay by Ed Whitmore is based on the novel by Peter Jinks. The story revolves around title character Hallam Foe to be played by Jamie Bell (Billy Elliot). Sophia Myles will play Kate, the young woman who looks like Hallam’s mother. The genre of the movie can best be called Psychological Drama and it’s an arthouse production. The role will present a challenge to Sophia Myles in that she’ll have to carry off a Scottish accent. Shooting is to start within about a month in Edinburgh, Scotland. IMDb listing.

This is the synopsis at Sigma Films:

The film is a darkly funny, bittersweet coming of age story about Hallam Foe, a 17 year old misfit who likes to watch the world from a tree house in the grounds of his father’s expansive pile in the Scottish Borders. Hallam is almost over the sudden death of his mother when he begins to suspect that his beautiful step mother may have had a hand in her death, and it doesn’t help that Hallam fancies her rotten. After a confrontation with his step mum, Hallam escapes to the city of Edinburgh. Out of money and out of friends, he finds his tree top skills well suited to the rooftops of the city, where he lives ferally, attempting to avoid the perils of the streets below – including an obsession with a gorgeous girl who happens to look just like his mother…..

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