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Sophia Myles interview

from Indielondon.Co.Uk, April 2006 / by Rob Carnevale

SOPHIA Myles talks about her first romantic leading role in Tristan and Isolde, as well as her career so far and her plans for the future…

Q. This is your first leading role. How exciting is that?
Yes, it’s great because it’s my first romantic lead. It’s so rare to find really great roles for women so I just jumped on it as soon as I read the script.

Q. How did you get involved? Was it a long casting process?
This was quite easy actually. It was weird because I’d just finished Thunderbirds and my agent called me and said there’s an audition tomororw. But I initially said I couldn’t go because we had the wrap party for Thunderbirds and I was on such a high, trying to figure out what to wear that evening. But then I did meet Kevin [Reynolds, the director] and did a reading and they called back a week later and said that James Franco was in town and could I come and do a chemistry test. Literally, as soon as I walked into the room and shook James’ hand I felt he was cool and that we’d get on.

Q. Was there any such chemistry test with Rufus Sewell?
No. But we had chemistry anyway. He’s become a really good mate of mine since the job.

Q. Did you know much about the story beforehand?
No. My first reaction was ‘oh Wagner’. I knew the opera but I didn’t realise the history of this story because it’s an ancient myth that’s been told by word of mouth. I don’t think it was put into prowse until the 13th Century. So like with every story that’s told by word of mouth this kind of Chinese whisper develops and I’m sure they’ll be die hard fans of the original saying we’ve got things wrong. But I think we can take liberties because of the nature of how this story has evolved. This is definitely the Hollywood version of it.

Q. This was a long-held ambition for Ridley Scott. How involved on a day to day basis was he and did you get much chance to work with him or meet him?
On a day to day he wasn’t at the shoot but he was heavily involved in the editing. He was very instrumental in the final cut of the film. And yes, I’ve met Ridley a few times. He’s lovely.

Q. Was it a tough shoot?
It was. It felt like the longest shoot that I’ve ever done. James also had some injuries. He hurt his knee very badly halfway through


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