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Art School Rejects

from LA Weekly / by Dave Shulman

Breakfast with Terry Zwigoff and Daniel Clowes

As in a dream, Jesus brings me a side of scrambled eggs. He wears a big smile and a shiny name tag, every hair in place. Brings me coffee, too. All around us are ancient hardwood, marble and finery, windows looking north onto the sidewalks of downtown Beverly Hills, high ceilings mixing a hundred hearty, rumbling conversations and delicate clinks of porcelain and silver into a genteel cacophony that wreaks havoc on my cheap-ass microphone.

I thank Jesus, dig into my eggs and return my attentions to Terry Zwigoff, acclaimed director of Crumb, Ghost World and now Art School Confidential, whom Jesus has already provided with a Spa Breakfast: seasonal smoothie, egg-white omelet, turkey bacon, bran muffins, coffee or tea for $25.

Just a few minutes into our short relationship, I sense in Zwigoff’s countenance


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