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Q&A Sophia Myles

from Hotdog UK, May 2006 / by Tom Hawker

Transcript from a scan sent in by Amo, thank you!

Underworld, Thunderbirds and now Doctor Who – Sophia Myles has become the patron saint of geeks everywher. Hotdog caught up with the Goonies fan to chat about the tragic love story of Tristan & Isolde

You’ve just come back from Sundance with Art School Confidential, how was that?
It’s really trippy, it’s a ski resort that’s been descended upon by actors and filmmakers up in the mountains, and it’s absolutely beautiful. Sadly I didn’t get to see any films apart from my own because we were just pressing it the whole time. I heard that Little Miss Sunshine is really good, same with The Science Of Sleep, Gael’s [Carc


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