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New Poll + Contact Reminder

I’ve closed the poll. The question was: What do you think of ‘Tristan & Isolde’? It run from January 16 until May 9, 2006 and a total of 133 votes have been cast. The results:

1) Great story – great cinematography, great acting – Perfect 54.1 %
2) Entertaining, but what made it memorable was only Sophia Myles 12.0 %
3) Breathtaking scenery and a stunning performance by Sophia Myles 11.3 %
4) The whole movie and everyone involved could have been better 9.0 %
5) It would have been perfect but for the ending – not romantic enough 6.8 %
6) Sophia Myles was great – but the dialogue was cheesy 6.0 %
7) James Franco could have been better 0.8 %

The new poll is: I first noticed Sophia Myles in… – there are 10 choices. I’m looking forward to your votes!

I’d also like to welcome all of you new visitors. Many of you have come to admire Sophia’s acting talents in the recent Doctor Who episode.

There’s huge activity on the site at the moment (around 1,700 visitors each day), which is why I’d like to remind you NOT to HOTLINK to pictures from the gallery. Also the contact form on this site is to contact me (Maria) the webmaster of the site. If you wish to contact Sophia Myles or ask for an autograph you should try writing to her agency. The address is found here. Thanks! I don’t have the time to answer each email intended for Sophia Myles individually reminding everyone to contact her through the agency, sorry!

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