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‘Extras’ airs next Thursday

The first episode of series two of Extras will be broadcast on BBC2 on Thursday, September 14, at 9pm. See the listing on BBC. Sophia Myles will briefly appear as herself, playing an actress who is working with Orlando Bloom.

The Telegraph has the following to say about the episode:

In the first episode, Orlando Bloom bravely takes the rise out of his image as one of the world’s most swoon-inducing heart-throbs. Displaying a commendable willingness to lampoon himself, this Bloom is vanity on legs. The gag is that Maggie, who previously showed herself comically eager to date anyone with a pulse, spurns his advances. Increasingly frustrated, he tries to win her over by planting his most passionate kiss on her lips. When he steps back, however, she looks distinctly non-plussed, shrugging: “Not really my cup of tea.” Gervais says that Bloom was a tremendously good sport. “We needed the biggest 30-year-old heart-throb in the world because the joke is that he falls for Maggie and it’s the one time she’s not interested. Orlando was great – he wanted to make the character really desperate. “He totally sends himself up. In real life, he doesn’t go around worrying about polls of the most handsome actors in the world. He knows that if you want any longevity in this business, the last thing you want to be known as is pretty.”

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