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Brand-new interview!

Myles ahead, December 2, 2006“She likes to give the impression of being the girl next door. It is not, entirely, a façade. She really does shop at Homebase. And she really doesn’t think she is famous. “I could ask 100 people in here if they knew who I was,” she says. “I bet you no one would know.”To read the full – quite long – interview click on the link above. As Sophia Myles says, she doesn’t give many interviews – but I found some early interviews & articles and added them to the press archive:

Why I was paid to go to bed with Johnny Depp, April 7, 2001 (In-depth interview)
TV Sophia’s Depp love scene shock, April 15, 2001
The day I got my big break, March 10, 2003 (about the Vanity Fair photo shoot)
Watch this face: Sophia Myles, June 20, 2004
Do Lady Penelope and Parker have a no-strings fling, July 17, 2004 (In-depth interview)
Joining the Myles High Club, July 23, 2004 (In-depth interview)

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