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More ‘Dracula’ updates

I’ve been doing some more research on the upcoming US airing of ‘Dracula’.

Apparently, it will air on American PBS as part of their masterpiece theatre series (They also aired Sophia’s previous projects Oliver Twist, Foyle’s War and Marple: Sleeping Murder). According to the programme listing the US airing is to be on Sunday, February 11, 2007 at 9:00 PM.

However, Shop PBS lists the release date for the Region 1 DVD for January 8, 2007. My guess is the airing date is correct and the DVD release date will be changed to some date soon after February 11th.

As for UK residents: you currently have a chance to see a short glimpse of Sophia in action in the BBC Christmas trailer, the one where they advertise all the upcoming big shows, including Doctor Who. To view it online go to YouTube. As always with youtube I have problems watching it. Could anybody send in screencaps of Sophia’s appearance? That’d be great!!

I’ve added the UK and US Dracula artwork to the gallery. As well as the scan of the new photoshoot of Sophia that goes with her latest interview in the Independent Magazine.

002 Dracula – Artwork
001 The Independent Magazine, December 2, 2006

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