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Dracula trailers + new appearance

On British television at least 2 trailers to advertise tomorrow’s BBC1 ‘Dracula’ airing have been shown. They are now available at Youtube & bytheway sent in .wmv versions.

Trailer 1 (YouTube)
Trailer 2 (YouTube)
Trailer 1 & 2 download zipped .wmv versions

Screencaptures of that are coming soon. Meanwhile the artwork for the British DVD is out (view). This announcement got my attention. According to the press release these people got the UK release date seems now to be January 8. And we may not get the additional ‘Deleted Scenes’ after all. I did some checking on all the major UK DVD online sellers and the dates they give are between January 2 – 15… All a bit confusing!

These days Sophia’s back in England. Shooting for ‘Outlander’ is on hold over the Holidays and will resume filming next week. Sophia accompanied David Tennant to his Virgin Radio Christmas pantomime ‘Cinderella’. Thank you Amo for pointing me to pictures of them arriving and leaving the building.

Virgin Radio Christmas Pantomime

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  1. Please keep us informed about Sophia. We know she moved to LA for Moonlight and it is cancelled. Will she remain in the states? I hope so because I think her career will go further. Who knows maybe her and Alex will do another project together. There was a great chemistry between both. They just had it and you don’t see too many actors that can pull that off.

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