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Radio Times & T2 scans

A little bit of trivia to start this first update of 2007: in a recent Doctor Who Magazine poll Sophia Myles was voted #3 in the category ‘Best Supporting Actress’:

1 Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah Jane Smith)- 26.89%
2 Camille Coduri (Jackie Tyler)- 18.56%
3 Sophia Myles (Reinette)- 18.45%
4 Pauline Collins (Queen Victoria)- 8.35%
5 Tracy-Ann Oberman (Yvonne Hartman)- 7.89%
Others- 19.86%

Despite divided opinions on the latest adaptation of Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’ the BBC programme also starring Sophia Myles proved to be a hit in terms of audience figures:

Thursday’s screening aired on BBC1 at 9pm and was seen by 5.1 million people, a 22% share of the overall audience, making it the day’s most-watched programme in the UK.

Here now the latest gallery additions, including the promised Radio Times and The Times magazine scans:

02 Radio Times
22 Dracula – Trailer
01 Underworld – Stills Thank you Tara
03 The Times – T2 (this magazine is unfortunately printed on low quality paper)

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