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‘Doctor Who’ in the States

I’ve never really kept up with the status of ‘Doctor Who’ outside of the UK. So thank you to Aaron for bringing me up to speed.

Apparently, the 2nd series has aired already (incl. episode 4 also starring Sophia Myles) and has been available on DVD since January 16th this year. Buy Doctor Who: The Complete Second Series on Amazon.Com. The extras seem to be the same as on the UK DVD. Especially interesting for us: In-Vision commentary for episode 4 by David Tennant and Sophia Myles (and a producer), Outtakes and David Tennant’s video diaries.

I’ve added some more ‘Art School Confidential’ Portraits from last year’s Sundance Film Festival and replaced the Empire Australia Outtakes (2002) with HQs. Thanks to Kathy.

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