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‘Hallam Foe’ Publicity

General theatrical release for ‘Hallam Foe’ is approaching: in the UK (August 31) as well as in Germany (August 30) and Switzerland (September 20). Germany have settled on a ‘German’ name: ‘Hallam Foe – this is my story’ is the new offical film title (before it was ‘Hallam Foe – anständig durchgeknallt’). This is a little bit of trivia for you.

I’ve added the UK & German posters and one new still to the gallery as well as the Production Notes to the press archive. Here just some little quotes:

And then as Kate, the damaged young woman who into Hallam’s life, Sophia Myles brought a different dimension. She’s perfect, both hard and soft, professional and vulnerable and in her and Jamie’s hands the magic of the second part of the film just flows.”, says [producer Gillian] Berrie.

When Sophia first read the script she was so impressed she wrote to Mackenzie: “When I read it I was ‘yes please I want to do this’ and I wrote a letter to David, which I’ve never ever done before – I’ve never begged anyone for a job, but I was so passionate about it I really wanted to be part of it.”

By the way, I’ve just finished watching the 3 videos from the Q&A session after the blogger screening. I recommend you make sure to watch Part 1 since that’s the one where Sophia talks the most. She talks about writing to director David Mackenzie after having read the script (see Production Notes) and about when someone on Myspace pretended to be her.

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