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Beth: So, we’re talking vampires?
Mick: You know some people actually find them attractive.
Beth: Really?

Thanks to Patrick I have lots to update concerning Sophia Myles’ appearance as Beth in ‘Moonlight’ – which starts in less than a week!! Patrick was also so lucky to catch Episode 1 before us mortals lol and posted a very informative (and non-spoilery) review on his site. Here the Sophia part:

“Sophia Myles was awesome. She was consistent and entertaining all the way from her first scene to her final one with Mick, and I enjoyed her desire to solve the mystery and write the story. It was really cool to watch her go undercover, but I won’t go too in depth with that, because it would get spoilery. She too was really good at interacting with the other characters, her relationship with Steve [Kevin Weisman from Alias] was absolutely hilarious, as both scenes they were in together had lines that made me laugh out loud. I enjoyed her pestering Carl for information, and the best part is he ending up giving her some. The character was really well-written, and its going to be exciting to watch her evolve. I think she may be my favorite character.”

Read the full review at Moonlight Fans

There are also 2 new promos featuring more of Beth and it’s great to hear Sophia’s American accent.
002 Episode 3: Dr. Feelgood – Promo
038 Screencaptures > Trailer 2
035 Screencaptures > Trailer 3
002 Videos – Moonlight > Trailers

EDIT: You can now watch these clips in our new media archive (here)

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