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‘Hallam Foe’ – my opinion

I finally saw ‘Hallam Foe’ last night – and absolutely loved it. Sure, it is a peculiar film with dark material. But it is great and very entertaining nontheless. Even a film to watch again. And it is certainly Sophia’s best work to date! This marks the first time I’ve seen Sophia on the big screen. ‘Mansfield Park’ (I didn’t have time to see in the cinema) and ‘From Hell’ (doesn’t really count) came out before I knew of Sophia. ‘Underworld’ isn’t my cup of tea so I didn’t want to pay to see it in the cinema and ‘Tristan & Isolde’ was on our screens here only for a limited time – and I was not feeling well at that time. All other films didn’t make it to the cinema here in Switzerland. It is a shame for Sophia looks great on the big screen.

I wrote a synopsis of the film, a description of Sophia’s role, collected some quotes from reviews, Sophia interviews and the like and ended with my comments on the film. See it all on this site’s mini-page for Hallam Foe.

What are your thoughts of the film? Don’t hesitate to discuss it in the forum.

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