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‘Moonlight’ premieres tonight!

Ok, the wait is over (for US residents at least): ‘Moonlight’ premieres tonight at 9pm EST on CBS (check local listings). Be sure to watch and tell all of us who won’t be able to catch it what you think of it and most of all Sophia Myles in the forum!

Here the synopsis of Episode 1 ‘No Such Thing as Vampires’:

““Undead” private investigator Mick St. John (Alex O’Loughlin) helps the living, instead of feeding on them, by using his acute vampire senses. In the opener, Mick probes the vampire-like murder of a college student and reconnects with a woman (Sophia Myles) from his past, who is now an investigative reporter. It’s soon learned that the victim was taking an ancient mythologies class taught by a man who claims he’s a vampire.”

In the meantime visit Moonlight Fans or watch a clip from VH1 All Access on YouTube (thanks Patricia for the heads up). Remember, if you come across any Sophia features in magazines/on TV be sure to think of this site and send it in. Thanks! Additionally to VH1 she might appear on E!News, Entertainment Tonight and Daily Ten. And November Issue #220 of TV Zone magazine apparently has an interview with Sophia Myles.

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