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Sophia Myles part of festival’s judging panel

I just found this news reported by Los Angeles Daily Business News (click to read full story):

“The 2007 box[ur]shorts™ Film Festival, a yearlong short film exhibition taking place internationally at restaurants, bars, coffee houses and laundromats, announced today its new panel of audience and industry judges. This year’s line up of judges includes: CBS’ Moonlight actress Sophia Myles, writer-director Scott Prendergast, moviegoer “audience” teams in New York and Switzerland, industry critic Izumi Hasegawa, and the ‘06 box[ur]shorts winner, writer-director Kerrie Scher. …

“We’re excited to celebrate the many wonderful short films competing in the second year of our festival along with the audience’s responses to their creativity. Our line-up of judges, from the star power Sophia Myles brings to Izumi Hasegawa’s unique industry outlook and the diversity of every day moviegoers in New York and Europe, shows how box[ur]shorts™ is a festival where the audience makes the choices and calls the shots,” says festival director Giacun Caduff.”

To find out more about the very innovative film festival be sure to visit its home page box[ur]shorts [dot] com. And if you live in either Los Angeles, New York, Basel (Switzerland) or Hiroshima (Japan) why don’t you hang out in one of the festival’s locations – additionally to having a good time you’ll also be able to cast your own votes via the festival’s website! Which is also where, actually, we all can watch the films. Together with the Audience and Industry Jury votes, the most counts will determine which filmmaker is picking up the box[ur]shorts Audience Award during the annual event, this year held January 11, 2008 at the New Beverly Cinema in Los Angeles.

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