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Sophia Myles: Best of 2007

What a year for Sophia Myles! After spending the first few days of the year finishing up on the set of Outlander she came home to London – taking a much deserved rest after the exhausting shoot in rough Nova Scotia. She then joined the Hallam Foe team to the film’s premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival in February. Apart from doing a bit more of Hallam Foe promotion over the coming weeks it was a quiet time for Sophia Myles work-wise. Until the big job offer came: Joel Silver invited Sophia Myles to join the upcoming CBS series Moonlight! Less than a month later she found herself in Los Angeles working 6 days a week, and 18 (sometimes up to 20) hours a day. The hard work has certainly payed off: Sophia Myles has garnered much deserved attention from US audiences and we fans were treated to lots of picture coverage! Due to the writers’ strike however, production for the series went in hiatus in the last month of 2007 – but we’re all hoping it will be given a full season and/or be renewed for a second season.

Sophia Myles: Best of 2007 (click Read more to see full list)

Compiled by the Absolutely Sophia Myles staff. Please feel free to post your own choices here or at the messageboard. 😉 Idea inspired by my friends Riikka and Mycah.

Best news:
Sophia Myles winning Best Actress at Bafta Scotland and being nominated for Best Actress at the British Independent Film Awards – both for her amazing performance in Hallam Foe.

Coming in 2nd: The announcement of Sophia Myles joining Moonlight as female lead Beth Turner. It is always a happy day when I hear that Sophia Myles has landed a big part!

Worst news:
I absolutely hated coming across bad/negative reviews for Moonlight before it had even aired – and how dare some critics pan all of a show’s performances simply because they don’t like the series’ premise?

Favourite magazine picture:
2007-favmagazine1.jpg 2007-favmagazine2.jpg
I couldn’t decide – I love both the dreamy picture used in the Observer magazine and the classy pictures from Total Film’s Hitchcock photo shoot.

Favourite photo shoot:
We didn’t get many photo shoots this year – apart from the ones only published in magazines – but I really adore this set of Sophia portraits taken during the Hallam Foe press tour in June!

Favourite event look – premiere:
2007-favevent1.jpg 2007-favevent2.jpg
Beyond a doubt, Sophia never looked more glamourous, gorgeous and classy at an event in 2007 than at Hallam Foe‘s world premiere at the Berlin International Film Festival!

Favourite event look – non-premiere:
A happy Sophia – all smiles! At the Launch of the 61st Edinburgh International Film Festival Programme.

Favourite Hair style:
How amazing do those hair extensions Sophia received for Moonlight look?! Sporting them for the first time at a public event here at the Comic Con in San Diego in July.

Favourite 2007 project:
Hallam Foe – the film itself really is a film jewel and in addition gave Sophia Myles the opportunity to really shine! I was very happy to catch this on the big screen in the cinema and can’t wait to see it again on DVD.

Favourite still from a 2007 project:
2007-favstill1.jpg 2007-favstill2.jpg
I loved all the pictures we got from Moonlight – these are just 2 of my favourite ones.

Favourite quote:
“Play a British accent and you are the butler or the baddie. Do American and you can take the world.” – The Sunday Times (UK), October 7, 2007

Favourite quote by someone else:
“Sophia can do just about anything, and make it look so natural. I think she’s destined for greatness.” – Jamie Bell

Most anticipated Sophia release for 2008:
I obviously can’t wait to see more episodes of Moonlight – I easily become somewhat addicted to series because of the way they leave the storylines open to get you to tune back in again – but it’s not really a new project – I mean, Sophia will still be playing the same character.

So I’m going with Outlander – I really want to see a red-haired Sophia as warrior viking princess Freya!

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