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Moonlight wins People’s Choice Award

Congratulations! ‘Moonlight’ has won its first award: The cool vampire series is now officially this year’s “Favorite New TV Drama”. Over 10 million votes were cast and ‘Moonlight’ won at the 34th Annual People’s Choice Awards. The 2 other finalists in this category were ‘Private Practice’ and ‘Gossip Girl’.

Due to the current writers’ strike there was no proper awards ceremony – however the winners pre-recorded acceptance speeches as well as answered some questions from fans. Head over to Moonlight Detective to watch Alex O’Loughlin’s cool thank you speech – recorded apparently at a beach down-under.

1 Comment on “Moonlight wins People’s Choice Award”

  1. Hi Sophia,

    You are brilliant on Moonlight and with your beauty and Alex’s charm, you two are superstars!

    I love the series and hope it can go on a second season!



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