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Interview: Sophia Myles of CBS hit, ‘Moonlight’

from / by April MacIntyre

“Is it possible to have a guardian vampire?”

CBS “Moonlight” is a character-driven drama that dips heavily into high production value action sequences, time period flashbacks and true romance. It’s clear from the moment “Moonlight” opens that we are in the hands of pros, both in front of and behind the cameras.

Beth Turner works at a TMZ-styled clone, Buzzwire, and she’s on fire combing the City of Angels for the hot scoop; the story that will elevate her from just another tabloid staffer posted outside the latest hot club.

Sophia Myles plays Beth, and is an ethereal English beauty. Her proper London accent is completely hidden for her role as Beth the reporter with moxie, who is also the object of private investigator Mick St. John’s watchful eye and soulful yearning.

In real life, Myles might have recently broken up with actor David Tennant, star of the forever running series “Doctor Who,” if the British press is to be believed, but don’t think for one minute the stunning thespian has any grass growing under her feet.

She’s here in sunny Los Angeles, not grey and gloomy London, and has her own television tiger by the tail with the breakout hit, “Moonlight.”

“For me, this has been an incredible, evolved journey; I literally had 24 hours to make a decision last year to leave London to come to the States, having no idea what I was in for.” Sophia explained as we chatted about the show’s success and her own personal leap across the pond.

The show has topped People’s Choice, sparked a flood of fan websites, and earned the TV Guide’s honor of selected “sexiest couple on TV” for Myles and her Aussie male co-star, Alex O’Loughlin.

“I had no expectations, and, well it was like entering a roller coaster, you kind of got in the thing and now I don’t want it to stop. I just want to continue the story, the show and the strike is frustrating but I understand, and I can’t complain.

I came over from England and there are lots of British actors here too, then suddenly the strike happens, and we had to catch up on the issues of it.”

The show doesn’t bow to strict Vampire genre rules, and plays off the strength of the “lucky” chemistry and sly humor worked into the script. Myles was over the moon in describing her working relationship with Shannyn Sossamon and Alex O’Loughlin.

“I have said before in interviews, you know, I am not the world’s biggest Vampire fan, I can take them or leave them. But Beth (Myles character) is sort of, she doesn’t know anything about them, and it’s a discovery process for her as well as me.

“With ‘Moonlight’ there is no master plan, it’s a very organic process that occurs day in day out. It’s interesting that no one knows what the hell is going on from one episode to the next. As for Beth, I know her now; I quite like it when they get the right humor in it.

“But what I love, what was absolute luck, was the gift you wish for in any project, and working with Alex is just, we’re both outsiders from other countries but we just get on so well. We laugh our asses off when we are working together; I really wish that those moments could be caught for DVD outtakes.”

What about the Coraline resolution for “Moonlight?”

“Shannyn has become one of my closest friends in Los Angeles, I just love her and I am looking forward to working with her in more episodes, there’s a triangle there, isn’t it? It’s complicated, but I want to see her at work.”

“Moonlight” is an interesting show to watch for several reasons, including the collaborative efforts that the crew puts into it. The show is staffed with dedicated craftspeople creating visually compelling other worlds for the cast to perform their magic on screen. Myles was blown away by how hard they all work.

“There is nothing that can prepare you for the experience of working in American episodic television. You cannot…I just have never experienced anything like it. You guys all work so very hard, the crew for ‘Moonlight’ works like nobody I have ever seen, the work they do, they are amazing.”

Sophia talked about “Moonlight” coming on the telly in Britain.

“Yes, it is, I am so excited for England, they’re finally going to get to see it, I believe February 18th is when it debuts.”

What’s a girl to do here far away from London, and cooling her heels until the strike is resolved?

“I love living in LA, it’s been such an adventure…I stayed here through Christmas, I was given a little puppy, a Boston Terrier named Jackson by one of the crew, and because of the six month quarantine thing, we just stayed here, and the funny thing is people here go away for the holidays, so we just went to the beach and relaxed.”

What were some of the good things about LA she has discovered?

“Well, the Mexican food, you cannot get good Mexican food in London, forget it. There is really good food in LA, plus Skor (Hersheys) bars, they’re incredible, have you heard of them?

“But I do get homesick, it comes in waves, and I miss the pizza from Pizza Express in London.”


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