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‘Hallam Foe’ Extras & Release Info

Ok, here the caps of the ‘Hallam Foe’ DVD Extras:

25 Hallam Foe – DVD Screencaptures > Deleted Scene
47 Hallam Foe – DVD Screencaptures > Podcasts
02 Hallam Foe – DVD Screencaptures > Menu
01 Hallam Foe – DVD Sleeve
01 Hallam Foe – Production Still

There is also some new information about the release of the film in other countries. Titled ‘Mister Foe’ the film has a new date for a US release: June 2008. It will come out on a German DVD on March 6. DVD Extras on the German DVD will include Trailer, B-Roll & Soundbites (Pre-Order) and on the Swiss DVD Trailer, Interviews & Photocall. Pre-Order)

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  1. Hi! I love Sophia and I am trying to get all the extras of Hallam Foe, I have the UK dvd but I just realized that things are missing, so I’m wondering if the making off and the b-roll are the same thing and if they are included in the same dvd. I’m also a fan of Ciarán Hinds so I would like to know if his interview comes in the German or the Swiss dvd. And last thing, I saw that there’s some pictures from the press call, is there any video of that or just the photos?

    Thanks in advance and I’m very sorry for all the questions! Your site is amazing!

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