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Yesterday: The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson

So sorry to not have put up a reminder to watch Sophia Myles on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson last night but I was in bed with a fever. Anyway, feeling much better now and I have for you clips and caps of the lovely interview. Wasn’t she doing fabulous?! I was sorry to hear about her purse and I hope whoever stole it realizes what a stupid thing to do that was and makes amends.

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EDIT: You can now watch these clips in our new media archive (here)

4 Comments on “Yesterday: The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson”

  1. Really enjoyed the interview. Sophia did just great and looked stunning, as usual. Craig always gets her laughing! Wish she would do more TV interviews.

  2. Woot! Glad you were able to get it up so soon, Maria. I can always count on you to keep me updated when I’ve got so much on my plate, hehe. Sophia looked gorgeous as usual, and she and Craig are hilarious together.

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