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Photo Gallery unavailable until further notice

What a night! All of a sudden it looked to me as if the whole site was gone. 2 oversea calls and one email later I knew that my gallery installation was causing trouble on my host’s server. After I had made the gallery directory unavailable my account was thankfully reinstated. Until the still remaining issue can be resolved – I don’t know yet how long this will take – I’m afraid we won’t have any gallery. Thank you for your patience and understanding and rest assured that I’m working hard on finding a solution as quickly as possible.

6 Comments on “Photo Gallery unavailable until further notice”

  1. So sorry you’re having trouble, Mia. I hope whatever the problem is can be resolved quickly for you.

  2. I’m glad to here your working on this problem. I just popped over to see if there were some new pics of Sofia and no gallery! But your working on it so that good to know.

  3. So sorry about the gallery. You had such a great one, I always use it for art and sigs. 🙁 Here’s hoping you get back up and running.

  4. Sorry to hear about the problems. I LOVE this site. You have a wonderful collection of stuff. Here’s hoping things get sorted out real soon!

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