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Gallery back & New Layout!

We have a beautiful new layout across all our pages – designed by Natalie from What do you all think? I hope you love it as much as I do!

Best display is in Firefox. However, I’ve really tried to make the layout work in all kinds of browsers. Please let me know if you come across any bugs. Thank you!

And the gallery is back! A HUGE thank you to Gertie from for hosting our extensive photo & media archives. I’ve been extremely busy transferring all the files to the new server and I hope you won’t come across missing files. If you do please let me know. Over the coming hours also the Public Appearances, Television and TV Appearances categories should be filled with pictures. Another big thank you to Pure Vowels for your help with the adapting of the photo & video layouts.

9 Comments on “Gallery back & New Layout!”

  1. The site looks great. 🙂

    Personally, I’d like to see the text in a darker color. It really looks washed out to my eyes, especially against the gray background color.

  2. That’s really beautiful Mia, many thanks:) The blue in the top banner makes perfect match with the princess’ eyes!

  3. I,m not sure about the new website. Third change in 2 years. The original may be the best. Need more print contrast with background.

    My heart is still broken over the cancellation of Moonlight. They give you something good and then they take it away. I recorded all the episodes and watch 3 or 4 every weekend. No wonder network TV is fading away into oblivion. I hope so. They don’t give a new series a chance to develop.

    Is there any chance of forming a consortium to bankroll season 2 of Moonlight? ( before the stars get a new gig.) I would invest. Contact me at

  4. Please note that this site is NOT encouraging spending money on getting Moonlight renewed.

    And I did change the font on the main content area to a somewhat darker color. It looks good to me. I personally can’t see a worse background/text contrast than on any of the previous 7 layouts.

  5. The layout is beautiful.

    YAY!! for the gallery being back! I was so looking forward to captures of Sophia as Lady Jane!

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