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Various magazine clippings

I scanned some various older clippings with Sophia content and transcribed those articles that hadn’t been in the press archive yet. Big thank you to Lorna for making some of these available to me!

Press Archive
Sophia Myles, My first…, TVQuick (UK), March 15, 2008
The female factor, The Independent (UK), March 10, 2008
Escape from hell!, Unknown, around March 2005
Get ready for… Sophia Myles, More! (UK), May 14-27, 2003

Photo Gallery
02 The Live and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby – Production Stills
02 Daily Express (UK) – April 13, 2001 (I think I’m missing one of the pages for this one, sorry)
01 The Mirror (UK) – April 7, 2001
02 Sunday Mirror (UK) – March 31, 2001
01 More! (UK) – May 14-27, 2003
02 3am (UK) – July, 2004
01 Various Clippings 2005
01 TVQuick (UK) – March 15-21, 2008
04 Various Clippings 2008, Thank you Lorna for scanning most of these!

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