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Diet Diary: Sophia Myles

from Elle (UK), February 2009 / by Carlene Thomas-Bailey

Is the 28 year-old British ACTRESS’s diet more healthy now she lives in LA? ELLE asks a nutritionist for her OPINION on Sophia’s weekly food intake

MONDAY I started thinking more about what I put into my body when I moved to LA last year. For hreaktast, I have wholegrain and sesame-seed cereal with skimmed milk – and a peppermint tea. Lunch is a grilled chicken salad with water. I’m a size eight, but when I gave up smoking three months ago I started eating more and put on a stone. I hired a personal trainer and try to eat more healthily now. Dinner is seared tuna, crispy onion and steamed spinach with miso soup.

TUESDAY I go to a juice bar that Anna Friel introduced me to for a wheatgrass shot with cayenne pepper and ginger, plus an egg-white omelette with tomato. Lunch is a banana and pear with no-fat yoghurt. I’m in-between jobs, so I can have a light lunch – when I’m working I need to keep my energy up. For my role in US vampire TV show Moonlight, I worked through the night – a challenge for my body and my eating patterns. Dinner is blackened cod teriyaki, brown rice and steamed vegetables.

WEDNESDAY Breakfast is porridge with a banana and maple syrup, plus tea with skimmed milk. For lunch I eat a large green salad with grilled vegetables. On my personal trainer’s advice, I snack on fruit and nuts between meals to maintain my blood sugar levels. Dinner is grilled chicken, broccoli and mushrooms saut


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