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New US ‘Outlander’ poster

Two weeks out from when it is supposed to debut in a limited theatrical run on the 23rd of this month, Third Rail Releasing (an arm of The Weinstein Co.) revealed the U.S. one-sheet for the creature feature Outlander. Quite a difference from the international poster, wouldn’t you say?

Sophia Myles, Jack Huston, Ron Perlman and John Hurt co-star. Look for a trailer soon!


Best part about this news: new trailer?! Give me one any day! Personally I don’t like the new poster too much – no Sophia to be seen, nor any of the Vikings. But I like the lighting a lot and it definitely looks professional and should get the attention of action movie fans.

P.S. Isn’t there a typo in Jim’s name? [edit:] Apparently, Third Rail Releasing corrected that spelling mistake and put out another one. I replaced it in the gallery. Courtesy of

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