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UK Cinema Arrival of ‘Outlander’ approaching

Finally! ‘Outlander‘ is released in cinemas throughout Sophia’s homecountry this coming Friday, April 24! has a competition to win a VIP private ‘Outlander’ screening for you & your mates. To participate you have to be a UK resident, register at their website and give the correct answer to this question “What do you call a monster with one eye?” before the end of April 25. Good luck!

Also on you can shorten the wait till Friday by watching their exclusive ‘Outlander‘ clip of the movie’s beginning.

I’ve come across some new reviews. Apparently Jonathan Ross spoke favourably about the movie in his show and The Mirror singled out Sophia Myles for praise in their short and lukewarm review: “but it moves at a fair old pace and features a great performance by Sophia Myles as a Viking princess.”

As always I’m extremely grateful for anything you UK fans might come across. Thanks for keeping your eyes open!

Oh, and Sophia’s ‘Doctor Who‘ episode “Girl in the Fireplace” re-airs tonight on BBC3 at 7pm.

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