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A new interview

Last week the California Chronicle re-published an interview with Sophia from the Belfast Telegraph. While it’s a short one contrary to the other recent articles it’s a full interview and she talks about ‘Outlander‘, ‘Moonlight‘ (which is currently airing on Virgin1 in the UK on Monday nights), ‘Thunderbirds‘, ‘Doctor Who‘ as well as the persistent rumour about ‘Buddha’s Little Finger‘ (it’s definitely not happening). Enjoy the read!

5 minutes with… Sophia Myles, Belfast Telegraph &, August 22

[edit:] I replaced the article with another re-publication by wich has the additional sentence “I know it’s still acting but it’s like the difference between, say, painting in watercolour and painting in oils” in Sophia’s answer to the question about stage work.

WHAT’S BEEN YOUR FAVOURITE ROLE OVER THE YEARS? I really would struggle to pick one role because each film is like a different adventure. Each film-making experience is unique in its own way.

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