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An instant interview with… Sophia Myles

from London Lite (UK) / by Nick McGrath

The 29-year-old actress has appeared in Doctor Who and also dated Time Lord David Tennant

Highlander or Outlander?
Outlander because I’m in it. It’s a feel-good action flick set in 709 AD in Viking Times in Norway but it’s also a science fiction movie.

High heels or trainers?
Trainers. I find heels really uncomfortable. And I like comfort. When I wear heels on the red carpet i doesn’t feel like me.

Futuristic sci-fi fantasy or period drama?
Sci-fi fantasy because you don’t have to wear corsets. I’ve done way too many corset movies and now I’ve got back problems as a result.

TV or movies?
Not bothered. It’s about the story not what size screen it’s on.

Notting Hill or Primrose Hill?
I was born in Notting Hill and my Dad’s first parish – he was a vicar – was St George’s Church in Camden Hill Square, so I was kind of posh by default.

London or LA?
London because there’s a soul here. I didn’t realise how much I loved London and England until I left. LA was great for me from a work perspective.

On-screen nudity or body doubles?
On-screen nudity. If you say yes to using a body double then they could shoot all kinds of porn stuff and the audience would still think it’s you.

John Malkovich or Johnny Depp?
I’ve worked with both so could I choose both? They were both lovely and lived up to every fantastical expectation I had of them.

The X Factor or Strictly Come Dancing?
X Factor. I like the auditions at the beginning the best. The delusion is hilarious.

Outlander is out now on DVD and Blu-Ray


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