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Sophia’s message & Fanart

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments on the new layout! Luna and I really appreciated it. Speaking of which, Sophia Myles has sent a message to the website:

The new layout is beautiful Mia. My thanks to you and to the fantastic fans for giving life to such a wonderful site. Love Sophia

Thank you. How exciting! And to showcase how much life you guys are giving to the site I added some more fanart.

117 Icons – by Maike
008 Icons – by Luna
001 Banner, by Chrissy
001 Fanart, by moviefnatic
003 Wallpaper (1024 x 768), by Natalie
001 Wallpaper (1280 x 1024), by Chrissy

16 Comments on “Sophia’s message & Fanart”

  1. How can she be soooo nice? She even left a comment talking about the new layout and thanking US? No need to thank us, thank YOU, Sophia!
    You know what? I just watched Hallam Foe (fantastic, btw) and I came back to the computer and saw her comment! Coincidence?

  2. I agree with moviefnatic, I thank her everyday, and it’s good to be here since nobody in my RL seems to understand why I like her.

    Luna, you still squeeing, two days later? I am, haha!

  3. It’s very nice of Sophia to write to us, to thank to us. she’s a rare actress to do that (and so this gorgeous aussie actor in myspace).
    Thanks Sophia, you’re the BEST. Thanks too Mia.

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