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‘Outlander’ Blu-ray Screencaptures & More

I replaced the ‘Outlander‘ screencaptures in the gallery with Blu-ray quality ones. This marks a first on this site! I’m sure you’ll enjoy the better pictures of Sophia as Viking warrior princess Freya!

While I was at it I also replaced the captures of a few deleted scenes from the French DVD with captures of all deleted scenes – as featured on most other DVDs. Also the Making Of captures are now available in DVD quality. And I added a few stills that were still missing.

0005 Production Stills
1011 Blu-ray Screencaptures
0130 DVD Screencaptures > Deleted Scenes
0033 DVD Screencaptures > Making Of
0009 DVD Screencaptures > Visual Effects

7 Comments on “‘Outlander’ Blu-ray Screencaptures & More”

    1. Oh, I only just now saw your comment 🙂 Thanks anyway for letting me know 🙂 This is SO exciting!

      P.S. I see that Eleanor Tomlinson has a role in a movie Sophia once was attached to 🙂

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