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Speaking to Spooks

from TV Choice – Blog (UK) / by Helen Childs

Of all the places to spend an afternoon in London, Bermondsey wouldn’t normally be top of my list. Sorry people of Bermondsey but you know, Regents Park it’s not! But the unassuming locale is home to the set of Spooks – Kudos production’s super slick spy show – so that’s where I’m sent to interview the cast and take a tour around The Grid.

After hooking up with the press officer and some fellow journos, we’re taken to a deserted room – furnished only with a table and some chairs – where the interviews will take place. We’re offered tea in plastic cups (oh the glamour!) and look forward to turning the tables on the TV interrogators.

First up is Section D’s newest recruit Beth – aka actress Sophia Myles. Sophia is stunningly beautiful in a Kate Winslet kind of way and impressively articulate as she talks us through her character’s story. Beth is based on a real life spy, who Sophia has met and who she reveals is on the other end of the phone whenever the actress needs some advice. Having spent a few years working in LA Sophia tells us she jumped at the chance of a job working back home in London. ‘I missed corner shops!’ she admits. She only had one stipulation before signing up – that directors don’t make her do running scenes in high heels!

Though the rest of the female writers back at the office are fully signed up members of the Richard Armitage appreciation society, I confess I couldn’t see what the fuss was about. Until I met him that is – those piercing blue eyes! Those arms! That run-your-fingers-through-it hair! (if only). The actor is also charm personified as he reveals there are big surprises in store for his character Lucas North when the show returns to our screens this autumn. Unfortunately the confidentiality agreement the press officer has made us all sign means we can’t blab just yet. But we can say it’s going to be big and we will have full details in our mag at the time…

Another newbie is next up for interview – Max Brown (who you may remember as Sam in Mistresses) joins the cast as spy and piracy expert Dimitri Levendis. Yes that does sound a bit Greek, and plucky Max learnt the language for his role, though he reveals the phrases he mastered wouldn’t be much use on holiday. Yes, we can’t imagine stuff like, ‘Hands in the air or I’ll shoot’ would go down too well in Ayia Napa… Max tells us Dimitri will fit into the team by flirting his way around it – with women and men alike! As his eyes twinkle at the assembled journos, we’re sure he’ll make a good job of it.

Finally it’s time to grill the boss man Harry – actor Peter Firth – and his colleague and will/they won’t they? love interest Ruth – actress Nicola Walker. For this we are led on set, into The Grid itself! While we hate to shatter any illusions, it does look disappointingly like any other office. Not that dissimilar to the TV Choice office in fact. Still – it’s The Grid! Unfortunately it’s now the end of the day and the lighting crew need to de-rig the room so after a very brief look round, we have to go back to our own makeshift interrogation room downstairs. Peter is super-friendly, shaking everyone’s hand and Nicola is lovely too. Both are excited about what’s in store for their alter-egos – again, we’re gagged from revealing too much at this point – but trust us, you’ll want to tune in…!


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