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Smile: A Sophia Myles Fanlisting

I’m very sorry for the lack of updates recently, but news about Sophia Myles has been slow since she’s ultra-busy filming ‘Spooks‘. Before the show starts airing in the fall I plan on bringing the site 100 % up to date – so stay tuned!

In the meantime I opened a fanlisting Smile: A Sophia Myles Fanlisting which can be found here. The gorgeous layout was generously donated by message board member Natalie! Thank you so much! Feel free to head over & join!

4 Comments on “Smile: A Sophia Myles Fanlisting”

  1. Beautiful layout! Sophia is “uber” feminine. Such a beautiful, contagious smile. ^.^ Thanks so very much Natalie for your fabulous creativity and Mia for posting.

  2. Totally cool idea Mia!! Love the name that was chosen for the fanlisting. You know how I feel about Sophia’s wonderfully beautiful smiles!

    Nat – Absolutely fantastic job on the layout!

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