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More ‘Spooks’ related Scans

I added new scans sent in by Lorna and added some additional scans to the sets from yesterday, thanks to the generosity of Ali from Richard Armitage Net. Even if there’s no Sophia it’s still nice to see her new project featured on the cover of TV Magazines. Also messageboard member Felicia typed up those articles with Sophia-relevant bits. Thank you everybody so much!

Agents of Change, from TV Times, September 18
Agents of Change, from Total TV Guide, September 18-24

Beth’s based on a real woman, who I’ve met. When she [the real person] was 18 – and studying English at Edinburgh University – she was head-hunted by MI6. She was picked to undergo their fast-track selection process. It’s about two blocks of six months.

She meets Lucas and they end up helping each other solve this problem. Beth reconnects with Harry, who she met years ago, at MI5 HQ and asks him for a job. Lucas is suspicious of Beth because she’s from the private sector. She also tries to take the mickey out of Lucas and he doesn’t like that!

I sat down to watch a few [Spooks episodes] and I was absolutely terrified. I can never watch them late at night. They stress me out too much. I go to bed with heart palpitations!

Be sure to read the articles to find out more as well as what drew her to the project even if she hadn’t watched it before. If you want to remain spoiler-free however, I suggest you postpone looking at the scans and articles until you’ve seen episode 1.

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  1. I agree, Mia. It is nice to see her project mentioned, and I’m looking forward to more articles with Sophia herself in them!

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