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Winner & More from BIFA

Congratulations to Pascal for winning tickets to tomorrow’s premiere of ‘Etienne!‘ in Zürich! Enjoy the movie. It just got a very positive review on OutNow. For everybody in USA & Canada eager to see the movie you can pre-order the DVD on the official movie website or buy it as Video on Demand from

2 more pictures from Sunday’s British Independent Film Awards have been replaced with high quality versions thanks to Mariana and there’s a news report about the event from Sky News with a few glimpses of Sophia. Caps are here.

3 Comments on “Winner & More from BIFA”

  1. Thanks Mariana for the new pics! Sophia looks so “happy and beautiful.”

    Thanks for all of the info. and posting the pics Mia!

  2. Thankyou for sharing all the links and photos.
    I needed to use a web translator to read OutNow. It was a nice review.
    I look forward to seeing it.

  3. je voudrais souhaiter de joyeuses fetes de noel a sophia ainsi qu’une très bonne année 2011 qui je l’espère lui apportera pleins de belles choses
    j’aimerais pour moi mème que cette nouvelle annee réunisse de nouveau sophia et alex dans un meme spectacle car les deux ensemble me manquent trop ils etaient trop beaux ensemble et je suis sure que je ne suis pas la seule a le dire!!!!!!! bisous

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