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Exclusive “From Hell” Pictures

Sophia Myles sent us exclusive pictures taken on the set of ‘From Hell‘ – which was filmed in 2000. Sophia is pictured with her co-star Johnny Depp and the directors of the movie The Hughes Brothers. Thank you so much!

Wishing everybody lots of love & joy together with their loved ones!

003 From Hell (2001) > ** Exclusive **

[edit Dec 27] Added one more!

10 Comments on “Exclusive “From Hell” Pictures”

  1. Sexy pictures…all of them~

    “Thank you so very much Sophia for these gifts!” Thank you Mia as always for posting them!

  2. Beautiful. Natalie I know how you feel I’m jealous to right now, Johnny got to go to bed with Sophia……Damn it!!!!!!…………LOL =)

  3. Must add. What a super sweet pic, the last one posted! Sophia and Johnny Depp are “da bomb” truly.

    I hope someday their paths cross again. I would just love that~

    Thank you Sophia, you’re the best. Thanks again Mia for posting.

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