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The Official Fansite

Welcome to 2011! To mark a new beginning Simply Sophia Myles is back with a brand-new design created by the talented messageboard member Natalie and coded by myself! There’s a new feature in that there’s a welcome page before you get to the news updates. To view the layout the way it was designed use preferably Firefox (though it should work in all modern browsers) and press F11 if necessary.

Sophia Myles has bestowed the title The Official Fansite to Thank you very much! What does this mean? Nothing will change because it’s still maintained by myself – that’s also why it is an official fansite – but the new title stresses the fact that thanks to Sophia Myles this is the place to get all the latest and verified information about her and her career!

Thank you for your support in the past and I’m looking forward to hearing from you in 2011! Be sure to be an active and longterm member of the messageboard to fully enjoy the site.

7 Comments on “The Official Fansite”

  1. WOW, this is beautiful…almost – but not quite – as beautiful as Sophia herself! Mia, congrats on being “official”, and Natalie – what can I say, you’re a master artist!! Wonderful job, ladies!!!

  2. Congratulation on being made official Mia, you and your wonderful site deserve it! How nice of Sophia to recognise you 😀

    The new design looks fantastic, very unique.

  3. Simply beautiful. I’ve always loved this website. Thank you so very much Sophia for allowing this site to be your official website. Natalie and Mia, as always, you both are the best!

    I’m looking forward to all things “Sophia.” Well done Mia!

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