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‘Spooks’ Series 9 in Australia

While ‘Spooks‘ fans are busy researching information about filming for series 10 which is rumoured to have commenced last Sunday – we have no solid information on this or Sophia’s schedule at the moment – the show’s 9th series that introduces the character of Beth Bailey played by Sophia Myles is coming to Australia. It begins at Saturday, April 2 at 8:30pm on ABC1 (source).

Do you live in Australia? Be sure to catch Sophia’s debut in ‘Spooks‘ on TV!

[edit] Serie 9 will start airing in New Zealand on Tuesday, March 22 at 9:45pm on UKTV. Source: UKTV via Richard Armitage Net.

4 Comments on “‘Spooks’ Series 9 in Australia”

  1. Australian fans are lucky! We still haven’t gotten series 9 here in the US yet. Keeping me fingers crossed that it’ll be soon…

  2. I believe the US won’t get the 9th season DVD till it’s run is completed on the PBS stations. Here in Canada, I had to do a season 1-7 catchup via Netflix. I saw 8 on PBS and can’t wait to see my soph…er, our Sophie on MI-5.

  3. Is Sophia on Facebook? Does she have a private account there? Please answer my questions. The page is great!!! Lovely Regards from Germany! 🙂

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