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Sophia to appear in A Sunny Morning

Simply Sophia Myles are delighted to be able to share the news that everybody has been waiting for: Sophia has a new project!

Sophia is set to star in a short film by Jacob Proctor entitled A Sunny Morning. Sophia has been cast as Grace alongside Charlie Cox who will play her husband Adam. Filming is due to start next week.

Grace is on the brink of making a decision that could change the rest of her life after a heated argument with her husband Adam. She’s feeling trapped and alone, jealous of her successful friend and bitter about the choices she made. But is she really willing to give up the life she knows for the chance to recapture her dream?

For more information on A Sunny Morning, visit the official site or find them on Facebook and Twitter

10 Comments on “Sophia to appear in A Sunny Morning”

  1. Awesome news! This sounds like a great project with a well-developed character for Sophia! Wishing Sophia & the Sunny Morning team all the best for the filming!

  2. What wonderful news! The project sounds really terrific!
    Congrats to Sophia for getting this part and wishing her tons of success and best wishes on “A Sunny Morning”.

  3. I am so happy about this news! And I cannot wait to see the development of Sophia’s charactor – Grace. Sounds perfect! Congratulations to Sophia and the entire production crew. I wish them so much luck and support for this brand new project! 🙂

  4. Wow! What great news to wake up to this morning!! So very, very happy for Sophia and wish her the best during filming. The premise sounds great and I know Sophia will do the mind-blowing job she always does. Can’t wait to follow on Twitter!!

  5. Congratulations Sophia.
    Hope this film will be widely available to audiences. You aren’t seen enough for someone so beautiful and talented

  6. GREAT NEWS, I’m also very happy for Sophia, I can’t wait to see her in this new project, very happy to see her on screen, she missed so much, she is so wonderful !!! congratulations dearest Sophia

  7. je suis très heureuse vraiment pour sophia,j’attendais des nouvelles depuis si longtemps!!!!et je lui souhaite que tout s’enchaine par la suite et qu’elle obtienne un grand succès pour la suite de sa carrière
    mes amitiées à tous et toutes!!!!

  8. Congratulations on the new project! I hope it will be shown here in the U.S.
    Still hoping you will return to MI-5.

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