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Greedo Doesn’t Shoot First!

Here is the information relating to the play that Sophia will be performing during the 24 Hour Plays Celebrity Gala!

Main Details:

Title: Greedo Doesn’t Shoot First!
Playwright: Roy Williams
Director: Steve Macmion
Assistant Director: Laura Keefe


Molly: Rachael Stirling
Jack: Robert Gleinister
John: Brendan Coyle
Kat: Sophia Myles

3 Comments on “Greedo Doesn’t Shoot First!”

  1. Oh man, I really wish I was there to see her perform live!! I know she’s going to be absolutely wonderful, as usual!!

  2. je suis tellement heureuse pour sophia,je suis sure qu’elle a conquis le coeur de beaucoup de personnes!
    j’attends impatiemment de voir quelques aperçus,car je suis trop loin pour voir de moi mème

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