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Doctor Who: Who’s That Girl?

From Daily Star (UK) / By Peter Dyke and Katie Begley

SEXY Sophia Myles is being tipped as the Time Lord’s next companion after a cheeky tease on Twitter. BBC bosses are keeping tight-lipped about the identity of the new sidekick for The Doc (Matt Smith). But series boss Steven Moffat’s tweet about Thunderbirds big screen star Sophia has set tongues wagging that she has been lined up.

Moffat, 50, tweeted: “Right EVERY­BODY who follows me, go and follow @SophiaMyles – spin that fireplace. NOW.

“I’ll explain later. Or not.”

A new girl is set to take over this year from Karen Gillan, who plays sidekick Amy Pond.

And Sophia has a big link to the BBC sci-fi series because she app­eared as The Doc’s love interest Madame de Pompadour in the 2006 episode The Girl In The Fireplace.

Sophia, 31, also dated former Doctor David Tennant, 40.

Meanwhile, Karen, 24, has stepped back in time for her role as supermodel Jean Shrimpton in a BBC4 drama.

The flame-haired actress will star in We’ll Take Manhattan on Jan­uary 26.

It will explore the relationship between the model, now 69, and famous photographer David Bailey to whom she said she owed her career. Karen said of the role: “Jean Shrimpton is an icon of the Sixties.

“I am so excited to be playing somebody who had such a lasting impact on the fashion world. Sixties here I come!

“I guess there is more pressure on me over this role because part of me thinks I should stay true to what this person actually was.

“And they’re still alive, which is quite a significant thing as well, because they’re going to see how you portray them.”


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