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Pain and Gain LA Premiere

On 22nd April 2013, Sophia attended the LA Premiere of Michael Bay’s new film Pain and Gain. She looked as stunning and elegant as ever. The gallery has been updated with images (huge thank you to Mia for gathering a lot of them) but we are hoping to keep finding better quality versions so be sure to check back!

[edit May 8] Added many more pictures and replaced some with better qualities – thanks for most of the high quality pictures goes to the wonderful Mariana and Nicole.

3 Comments on “Pain and Gain LA Premiere”

  1. Wow! Could she look anymore stunning?! Perfect embodiment of looking like herself and natural as well as drop dead gorgeous & like a Hollywood star! Gorgeous choice of makeup too.

  2. OMG!! Just when I think there’s no possible way Sophia could be any more beautiful than she already is, these photos come along and prove me so very wrong!! She’s absolutely breathtaking.

  3. Awesome Photos of Sophia!!! She is absolutely Radiant. I agree with Fee and Mia: Sophia is Gorgeous, Stunning ans Breathtaking!!!

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